We have started a petition to ask the Town of Cary to delay making the approved changes in the Cary Noise Ordinance into law until citizen concerns can be addressed. The petition is on www.Change.Org↑, the world largest and most respected petition website. Your information is safe with them and you will not be solicited. You can choose to NOT have your name shown on the public version of the petition on the website.

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4 thoughts on “Petition

  1. I am dismayed by the lack of stakeholder engagement on this issue. Any proposed change that affects health, safety or quality of life — at least in the corporate world — is considered alongside the potential impacts.
    There are multiple perspectives to consider. True leaders would ensure meaningful opportunities for public input as well as transparency in the benchmarking used for decision-making processes. This would foster true discussion of the inevitable tradeoffs, and ultimately, acceptance of a common solution. Seriously, shame on Town Council.

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    • Hi Judy,

      Thanks so much for your comment. I was feeling pretty beat up for undertaking what seemed at the beginning to be such a straightforward proposition to simply say exactly what you so beautifully and eloquently said. The real shame is that you can’t even explain the Council’s actions away as mistrust, confusion, or even stupidity. At the beginning of their discussion, two of their own, Council member Ed Yurha with support from fellow member Lori Bush, made the same points you did, but the remaining Council would have none of it.

      After seeing LetUsSleep.Org, two 1/2 page ads in the CaryNews, considerable comments on, 3 Cary News articles, 3 stories from WRAL and ABC11, nearly a dozen citizens testifying in the Public Speaks Out section of 3 Council meetings, getting 80 signatures on a petition, the 1,300+ Preston Community Association board sending a formal letter requesting more study, and the Mayor of Morrisville twice expressing concern, Mayor Weinbrecht actually put the Noise Ordinance item on the “Consent Agenda,” which means the issue is considered so trivial and/or routine that the Noise Ordinance doesn’t even warrant discussion. In requesting to move it off the Consent Agenda (and thereby open it to discussion) Councilman Yerha said “It didn’t seem to be the Cary way to approve it on the consent agenda.” I think you are reaching exactly the right conclusion when you say “shame on Town Council.”

      After the political maneuver to try to use the Consent Agenda despite the extraordinary citizen involvement, how could the Cary Town Council ever again claim to be an fair, transparent and citizen-involved community after this debacle. Thanks again.


  2. Golf courses require the use of power equipment to maintain turf conditions that meet playing standards. The petitioner lives on the 5 the hole of the Highlands which must be maintained early to stay ahead of those teeing off early in the summer. The use of backpack blowers, chain saws and such is very limited. Now that the trees have been cleared near #5 green, there is little reason for a chain saw to be used in that area again. Like having golf balls hit into my yard, that is part of living on a golf course that I accepted when I built my house. Noise on occasion from power equipment is also part of the deal. Without the golf course behind this residence, how much would the home be worth?


    • Hi Rick,

      We are NOT trying to change the status quo. We are NOT trying to take anything from golf. We are happily living on the golf course and accept our bargain of a great view for a bit more early morning noise, as we have for the past 10 years. The issue is the dramatic changes they are about to make on July 8, 2015. Changes unlike any city in NC.

      If you believe the golf courses can make any amount of noise any time of day any day of week, you should not be concerned about the changes. But once you realize the proposed changes in decibel limits, methods of measurement, and definitions of greens and mowing, taken together, for all practical purposes will grant any and all lawn maintenance activity to make any amount of noise any time of day any day of the week, starting at 6 am on golf courses and 7 am everywhere else in Cary, we believe is a valid cause for concern.

      This issue is not about start time for golf course lawn maintenance. We want them to start early and do a great job for golfers. The issue is the start time for the most noisy activities, such as blowing, chainsaws, etc. If use of this equipment is rare or they are done with this, then why are they pushing through the changes to allow this equipment?

      Further, there has been no public hearing and no citizens were at information gathering meetings with Town staff. When the Town says they are just “codifying” what they have been doing, they are referring to general start times, not the start times of noisy activities. The 52 other golf courses in the Triangle do start lawn maintenance before 7 am, but they hold off on the noisy stuff until 7 am as required by their town noise ordinances. Only 8 golf courses in Cary and Wake Forest get to do noisy activities before 7 am and those is restricted to mowing greens only (not even golf mecca Pinehurt allows noisy activities before 7 am). The proposed changes are NOT codifying what’s been going on for years, they are granting dramatic new privileges to make more noise, privileges that are unprecedented in the state. The sole purpose of these additional privileges is to reduce costs because if you have more time to do lawn maintenance, you need less people and equipment.

      After 5 months of study, Town staff recommended on March 12 to continue the status quo and allow greens to be mowed as early as 6 am. But the Mayor didn’t like the Staff recommendations and in a rare break from the Staff recommendation, tabled their recommendations and apparently told them to go back and come up with different recommendations. Two business days before the May 5 Council meeting, Staff did a 180 degree turn and changed their recommendations to give the golf courses everything they asked for and more. Council immediately approved the NEW recommendations on May 5th and instructed Staff to come up with final legal language “with in weeks”. On May 7th, Cary PD Deputy Chief Godwin instructed his police officers to begin enforcing the new law as if it had already passed. It is truly unprecedented for a police department to start enforcing a new law before it have been officially passed. They way this played out has left us doubting citizen concerns are getting any consideration.

      Finally, another reason we believe to noise will go up dramatically is the “fudge factor” in enforcement. If you set a speed limit at 65, many drivers will go 74. If you raise the speed limit to 75 — because most are already doing it — what happens? Most start going 84. It’s true golf courses have been pushing the noise limits for years. For example, even though they can NOT mow tees before 7 am under the current ordinance, they have been mowing our tee at 6:50 am and we’ve never complained. But even in anticipation of the new ordinance, they are now mowing our tee at 6:10 am. If this becomes law, in the fall we fully expect backpack blowers blowing leaves off tees and greens at 5 am even on Sundays as has happened rarely, but will now become routine. The have recently introduced blowers the size of commercial jet turbines on the back of full sized farm tractors. These sound line a jet taking off.

      No doubt golf course views enhance property values, but if we get a reputation for being an extraordinary noisy golf course, we could actually see a decline in property value. Currently the law is in line with everywhere else, though slightly favoring golf courses. The new law will stand out and make our properties less valuable, especially relative to other golf course property, including the upcoming mega projects in Chatham County.

      Thank you for your thoughtful comments as they represent a valid view that contributes positively to this discussion.


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