Ordinances and Reports – Updated July 6, 2015

Cary Final Legal Language for New Noise Ordinance↑ – This is expected to be adopted at July 9, 2015 Cary Town Council meeting.

Cary Staff Original Report – Original Staff Recommendations for Changes in the Noise Ordinance↑ This shows the original Staff recommendations after 5 months of study. These recommendations were basically to not make any of the changes in the Noise Ordinance requested by golf courses. Mayor Weinbrecht moved to table the Noise issue when he saw these recommendations and sent Staff back to reconsider their findings. They came back a few weeks later with a complete reversal and recommended everything golf courses wanted and more.

Cary Staff Final Report – Amendment to Town Noise Ordinance Regarding Golf Course Facilities (PD15-008).↑ This shows what is currently being recommended by Town Staff. This Report was released to the public only a few days before the May 5, 2015 Council meeting that approved all of Staff’s revised recommendations.

The Actual Current Cary Noise Ordinance – See Chapter 22 – Offenses and Miscellaneous Provisions.↑

Calculations showing that raising the night time noise limit from 60 dB(A) to 63 dB(A) everywhere in Cary is a very significant 23% increase. Decibels is not a linear scale. 60 decibels is a conversation, 65 decibels is a residential class backpack blower. 70 decibels is twice as loud as 60 decibels.

Relationship of Decibels to Loudness
Relationship of Decibels to Loudness – a 3 dB increase is a 23% increase in loudness.

Media Coverage

ABC11 News – May 30, 2015 – Golf courses becoming noisy neighbor in Cary.↑

ABC11 News – June 10, 2014 – Cary man says he’s being harassed for speaking out about loud golf course.↑

WRAL News – June 30, 2015 – Cary homeowner claims harassment over golf course noise issue.↑

WNCN News – July 15, 2015 – Cary considers noise ordinance changes.↑

ABC11 News – July 15, 2015 – Cary council approves new noise ordinance which could be a headache to some homeowners.↑

Cary News – October 27, 2014 – Golf courses want review of Cary noise rules.↑ This article indicates that the effort to change the noise rules was initiated by the 3 Cary golf courses.

Cary News – May 8, 2015 – Cary wants to tweak noise, golf course rules.↑ This article provides a good overview of current developments.

Cary News – June 30, 2015 – Cary residents riled up over golf course noise proposal.↑ This article exposes Cary leaders’ views that they are not making significant changes, but the article details that they are indeed making significant changes.

Cary News – July 10, 2015 – Cary OKs new golf course noise rules.↑ This article provides an effective overview of the noise issue and the Cary Town Council meeting on July 9, 2015 that led to the final passage of the new Noise Ordinance by 4 votes to 2.

Town Council Meeting Videos

Cary Town Council Meeting – October 30, 2014↑ – Mayor introduces golf course request to change the Noise Ordinance and speaks of “opening this up to the public” but that never happens.

Cary Town Council Meeting – March 12, 2015↑ – View Public Speaks Out about Noise Ordinance.

Cary Town Council Meeting – May 5, 2015↑ – View Public Speaks Out, Council discussion on Noise Ordinance changes, and votes on Staff Recommendations for modification in the Ordinance.

Deputy Chief Godwin May 5, 2015 testimony that the Noise Ordinance allows golf courses to begin lawn maintenance 7-days per weeks at 6 a.m. April through September without any decibel limit.↑ This is the loophole golf courses are using to use blowers, chippers and chainsaws as early as 6 a.m. Also the Mayor asks a clarifying followup question to confirm his understanding and after hearing Godwin’s reply he comments “interesting.” Yet in numerous emails afterwards to PCA board members he insists there is a 60/63 decibel limit that will control golf course noise.

Cary Town Council Meeting – July 9, 2015↑ – Council discuses and then approves Noise Ordinance changes. Note Councilman Jack Smith’s dismissal of Petition and the Councils focus on a lack of complaints. However, there were few complaints because as a matter of policy Cary Police Department does not issue Incident Numbers to any noise complaints, so there are no records kept of the number of noise complaints.

Documents and Correspondence

October 1, 2014 – Letter from Golf Courses to Mayor Weinbrecht requesting changes in Noise Ordinance.↑ This letter indicates that the effort to change the Noise Ordinance was originated by the 3 Cary golf courses working together and for almost 7 months this was being worked on before the citizens became aware of this effort.

May 5, 2015 – Mayor Weinbrecht to PCA President Knuckles e-mail where Mayor says purpose of the changes to Noise Ordinance are to “reduce the ambiguities in the ordinance.”↑ This e-mail indicates Mayor Weinbrecht was an active participant in efforts to promote the changes to the Noise Ordinance in part by characterizing major changes as clarifications and that he and his fellow Council Members were aware early in the day of the May 5, 2015 Town Council meeting that the Preston Community Association (1.300+ homes) surrounding 3 of Cary’s 5 golf courses had concerns about the changes and wanted more time for citizen engagement. The e-mail also includes the Mayor’s statement “CURRENTLY, all clubs in Cary mow the playing services [sic] staring at 6 AM. So that is not a proposed change.” which is clearly misleading.

May 13, 2015 – Town of Cary fact check review of LetUsSleep.Org website prior to public announcement.↑ This letter provides additional information regarding the Town’s views and demonstrates the effort by LetUsSleep.Org and the Town to present accurate information.

May 15, 2015 – LetUsSleep.Org e-mail response to Town of Cary fact check of website letter.↑ This letter provides additional information regarding the LetUsSleep.Org’s views and demonstrates the effort by LetUsSleep.Org and the Town to present accurate information.

May 23, 2015 Preston Community Association Letter Opposing Noise Ordinance Changes.↑ This letter from the Preston Community Association — representing 1,300+ homeowners surrounding 3 of Cary’s 5 golf courses — approved by the Board unanimously, with one abstention, to oppose the proposed changes in the Cary Noise Ordinances dispels any notion that the concern about these changes was limited to a few individuals.


We have started a petition to ask the Town of Cary to delay making the approved changes in the Cary Noise Ordinance into law until citizen concerns can be addressed. The petition is on www.Change.Org↑, the world largest and most respected petition website. Your information is safe with them and you will not be solicited. You can choose to NOT have your name shown on the public version of the petition on the website.

You will be given the chance to sign it or not sign it after you have reviewed the petition. Clicking below will NOT sign the petition.

Click here to review the petition.↑

Leadership Contact Information


Harold Weinbrecht – Cary Mayor –
Lori Bush – Cary Town Council –
Don Frantz – Cary Town Council –
Jennifer Robinson – Cary Town Council –
Jack Smith – Cary Town Council –
Ed Yerha – Cary Town Council –


Mark Stohlman – Morrisville Mayor –
Liz Johnson – Morrisville Town Council –
Michael Schlink – Morrisville Town Council –
TJ Cawley – Morrisville Town Council –
Vicki Scroggins-Johnson – Morrisville Town Council –
Steve Rao – Morrisville Town Council –
Kris Gardner – Morrisville Town Council –

Send e-mails with “Noise Ordinance” in Subject Line.

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  1. Has anyone put together a petition, online or print? Has anyone discussed legal recourse should the will of citizens be countermanded by leaders who expressed thinly veiled hostility to public input? I sent a detailed, respectful letter to each member of the board only receiving 2 replies, neither of which addressed concerns I raised.

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